Maximizing Hotel Marketing with Carousel Posts in 2024

Written by Nooah Riiärvi,
CEO and Founder of,

16 November 2023

Introduction: The Art of Carousel Posts in Hotel Marketing

As we step into 2024, Instagram continues to be a pivotal platform for hotel marketing. Among its features, carousel posts stand out as a versatile and engaging way to showcase a hotel’s offerings. These multi-image posts allow hotels to tell a more comprehensive story, giving potential guests a richer understanding of what they can expect.

  1. Telling a Comprehensive Story: Carousel posts are perfect for narrating the complete story of a guest’s experience. From the moment they step into the lobby to their experiences in dining, relaxation, and exploration, each slide can represent a chapter in this story.
  2. Before and After Transformations: If your hotel has recently undergone renovations or refurbishments, carousel posts can effectively showcase these changes. Presenting before-and-after images not only highlights the improvements but also demonstrates your commitment to enhancing guest experiences.
  3. Highlighting Different Amenities and Services: Use each slide to focus on different amenities, such as the spa, pool, dining options, unique room features, or even special services like concierge or room service.
  4. User-Generated Content and Reviews: Share guests’ experiences and reviews in a carousel format. This adds authenticity to your marketing efforts and provides potential guests with relatable insights.
  5. Seasonal Themes and Events: Use carousel posts to highlight seasonal decorations, special events, or holiday-themed amenities at your hotel. This approach keeps your content fresh and relevant throughout the year.
  6. Detailed Visual Guides: Provide visual guides or tips for guests, such as how to make the most of their stay, nearby attractions, or even how-to guides for hotel amenities.
  7. Promoting Offers and Packages: When promoting special offers, packages, or discounts, carousel posts can be used to provide detailed information and various aspects or terms of the offer, making it easier for potential guests to understand and appreciate the value.

In 2024, carousel posts should be an integral part of a hotel’s Instagram strategy. They offer a unique way to engage with your audience by telling a more detailed and visually appealing story about your hotel. By creatively using carousel posts, hotels can enhance their online presence, showcase their offerings, and connect with potential guests in a meaningful way.

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