Leveraging Authentic Influencer Experiences for Hotel Marketing: Key Strategies and Inspirations

Written by Nooah Riiärvi,
CEO and Founder of,

8 November 2023

Introduction: The Power of Authenticity in Influencer Marketing

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, hotels are increasingly turning to influencer collaborations to promote their rooms and services. The key to success in such endeavors lies in the authenticity of these partnerships. Authentic content, especially when aligned with the influencer’s established style and what their audience expects, resonates more deeply with potential customers. It’s not just about showcasing a room or a service; it’s about weaving a narrative that fits seamlessly into the influencer’s usual content, making it more relatable and effective.

Three Critical Considerations for Hotels Collaborating with Influencers

  1. Aligning Brand and Influencer Values: The most crucial aspect is ensuring a natural fit between the hotel’s brand identity and the influencer’s persona. This alignment guarantees that the content created will not only be authentic but will also resonate with the influencer’s followers. For instance, a luxury hotel might partner with an influencer known for high-end travel and lifestyle content, ensuring their audience is the perfect demographic for the hotel’s offerings.
  2. Emphasizing Storytelling Over Hard Selling: Audiences today are savvy and can easily detect a hard sell. Hotels should encourage influencers to tell a story that integrates the hotel experience naturally into their narrative. Whether it’s a unique feature of the hotel, a special service, or an extraordinary experience offered by the hotel, the story should captivate the audience and create a desire to experience it firsthand.
  3. Utilizing a Variety of Content Formats: Diversifying content formats can significantly enhance engagement. From Instagram stories and reels to blog posts and YouTube vlogs, different formats offer varied ways to showcase the hotel’s amenities and experiences. Hotels should work with influencers to utilize these formats creatively, ensuring that each piece of content provides a fresh perspective on what the hotel has to offer.

Hotels for Inspiration

These establishments have successfully leveraged influencer marketing, creating authentic and engaging narratives that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Why Platforms Like are Beneficial

Using platforms like can streamline the workflow for both hotels and influencers. These platforms provide a structured environment for collaboration, from the initial outreach and agreement on deliverables to the tracking of campaign performance. This streamlined approach ensures that both parties can focus on creating the most engaging and effective content without getting bogged down by administrative complexities.


Influencer marketing, when executed with authenticity and creativity, can be a game-changer for hotels looking to boost their room sales and overall brand visibility. By focusing on alignment of values, storytelling, diverse content formats, and utilizing streamlined platforms like, hotels can create impactful marketing strategies. Take inspiration from leading hotels like Villa Copenhagen and Six Senses, and embark on a journey to transform how potential guests view your hotel.

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